What Is A Roof Certification

A Roof Certification Inspection is usually done at the request of the insurance carrier. They will typically request it due to the information they have on file is indicating that the roof covering is approaching the end of it’s expected life. The inspection is used to document the most recent dated of complete replacement. Therefore, it is extremely important for the homeowner to have a copy of the permit and/or contract of the most recent work completed.


The inspection can take up to 1 hour to complete and is comprised of the report with permit documents and photos of your roof.  If no documents of a recent re-roof are available,the inspector will estimate the useful life remaining.

Check with your insurance agent and ask if it would be advantageous for you to combine the roof certification inspection with another inspection that may save you on your insurance premiums. We offer a discounted price when two or more inspections are completed on the same day.