Are You Trying to Take Out an Insurance Policy?

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A four-point inspection is necessary if you want to get a fair price on a homeowners insurance policy. Trust Florida Inspection Center to give you all the info you need. Insurance companies want to avoid covering a home that could be a liability for them. An insurance inspection could prove that your home's foundations and systems are in good shape, making you more likely to get the rate you want.

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Find the Calm After the Storm

Count on us for wind mitigation services in Lake Worth, FL

If you live in the Lake Worth, FL area, you've probably seen your fair share of storm damage. Fortunately, when the next storm blows into town, you can minimize the destruction with wind mitigation services from Florida Inspection Center. Our pros will check your roof, walls and foundation to make sure your home can withstand high winds.

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It pays to be proactive

If you live in an area that's prone to storm damage, you'll want to schedule a wind mitigation inspection. A professional inspector can help you:

  • Find and reinforce weaknesses in your roof, siding or foundation before they lead to bigger problems.
  • Save money in the event of a storm by taking steps to protect your home from wind and water damage.
  • Deal with the insurance company, properly assess damage and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

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What is included in a four-point inspection?

What is included in a four-point inspection?

A four-point inspection will give an insurance company the information they require to make a decision. It will also allow you to make any necessary updates to set up a policy. Our inspection can include:

  • A roof inspection
  • An electrical inspection
  • A plumbing inspection
  • An HVAC system inspection

We'll also conduct a wind mitigation inspection. Please remember that getting an inspection does not guarantee you a policy. For any questions regarding our insurance inspection services, call us today at 954-916-7769.